With our experience we may help you with your project analysis, evaluating risks, identifying oportunities and offering price quotations.


Our mechanical engineersĀ  may review or create the technical documentation of your product. We pride ourselves to have good engineering expertise and we offer on site consultancy.


Any project needs a project manager and we have the right people for you. From planning to coordinating the team or purchasing commodities, we make sure the papers become reality.


We offer services for both mechanical and electrical assembly. We already have experience in various industries, like: FMCG, Logistics, Corrugated.

Loan of technical staff

For those situations when you need more man-power to finalize your project, we offer support with our technical people. Your greatest advantage is we assure you have the right people for the right job.


It is all only talks unless there is a delivery. For the most part we practice Ex Works delivery, nevertheless we help you with the entire process through rigorous packagingĀ  and planning.

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