VuRom AssemBly has been founded in 2017, by people with great work experience and expertise.

Working in the field for more than 30 years, we have a deep understanding of our customer needs and strive to deliver their projects on time, in budget and at high quality standards.
We have experience in assembling different type of machines like: Conveyor lines, Wrapping units or Automated guided vehicles, for a wide range of industries like FMCG industry, Logistic or Corrugated industry.

With good skills in manufacturing products (steel construction), talented people for assembling products and competitive suppliers, we managed to position ourselves already as a Good Assembly Partner.


VuRom combines good western practices with the talent and dedication of people from Romania, aiming to become a role-model for this industry. Offering a good working environment, taking transparent business decisions, consulting regularly with the team during the entire project-lifecycle, we ensure to have everybody onboard, thinking along with us on innovative and cost-reducing solutions, offering high customer engagement along the way.


We support our customers with the manufacturing of their products, in budget, while maintaining quality and in-time delivery.

Portofolio of Services

• Mechanical & electrical assembly of various functionalities, such as transport systems, packaging machines, etc.
• Purchase of commodities
• Outsourcing by local specialized partners
• Loan of technical staff


Arnold van Vuuren
Co-owner & Administrator at VuRom AssemBly SRL
Phone: +31 641258220

Ton Stikkers
Co-owner at VuRom AssemBly SRL
Phone: +31 610158940

Arjan Groeneveld
Co-owner at VuRom AssemBly SRL
Phone: +31 612423728

Bogdan Rusu
Co-owner & Operations Manager at VuRom AssemBly SRL
Phone: +40 744609680